This part of the website is meant for our employees. Are you interested in a position at Verschuren broccoli? Don't hesitate to contact us. We offer a positiv workenvironment for serious people.

With us are working a mixture of 1 steady employee, 3 part-time workers, Polish seasonal workers and scholars and students. Next to that we regularly have interns from Princentuin college at Andel or Breda.

The French Connection
In june and july you can always find a couple of French interns at our company. Usually they come from the technical unversity Esiglec at Rouen. Part of this study is to do a 4-week production internship abroad.

All and all an international bunch of people which is convenient if you wanna brush of your English.

Are you a student or scholar and do you want to work with us? Below you can find the introduction program and some forms, but first you must ask for a temporary username and password.

Reed the information well and put the filled in forms in our mailbox. Consider we don't have work in the winterperiod.
De ingevulde gegevens zijn niet bekend.

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