About Verschuren Broccoli

The vegetable market, so this also includes the broccolimarket, is typiccaly a fighters market. We started our company in 1996. At this time The Netherlands counted about 200 broccoli cultivators. Nowadays about two dozen serious growers of those remain. In order to sustain the continuation of our company only one vision is possible.

We strive to be the best broccoli cultivator of the country.

This vision is further explained in the following document: explanationvision

From the final week of may until roughly half of november we have all common sizes of broccoli availabe. These are being traded through The Greenery. Below an estimate for the comming week:

2024 week 5:
It seems weather conditions are getting more and more extreme year after year. Predicting anything accurately is becoming increasingly difficult.

The broccoliweather is now good.

Broccoli is broccoli, but we are looking for a possibility to make our product more distinct. The goal of this is to gain better market acces.

From 5 july 2013 we poduce power with our 290 solar panels. 
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